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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a comedy show gone wrong now has the bay area co friends to suit what she claims a famous comedian did to her in front of everyone. the call out shooting suspect makes a strange request behind bars a haunting question he asked one of the jail workers. i'm putting myself in danger even by having this interview. a descendant of l. ron hubbard costs reveals what he says the of real story is about scientology. good evening and nasty and has been laughed. we're developing news and san francisco right now a suspected drunk driver has crashed as s u
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b into that cable car in happened about a half-hour ago let's call in serious straits that is in the heart of union square which was crowd of tourists were told that of the passengers was hurt by it appears to many operators were slightly injured the driver was detained but we do not know if he has been arrested. a bay area woman wasn't laughing when she became part of a show at a comedy club in pleasanton. says eddie griffin cross the line when he started haggling heard during a show last week now at csi reporter sherrington tells us she is threatening to sue. it's chaos as a woman throws her drink and eager fan at the top comedy club in pleasanton she says he talked to her for being a lesbian her lawyer says she wants an apology or shall files used. to is publicly humiliated
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and belichick and leave and was scared. few walls is and as a ceo was sitting near the stage when her partner paramount her. her attorney says anne griffin was drunk. we spoke to her he met at contact with her he told the he wanted to sleep with her and used a very graphic sexual motions with his hips to order face. she says a person through water bottles latter was to left the comedian spokeswoman told the media he is doing his job in making the audience laugh all races religions genders and stereotypes are considered equal on stage and are open for material. berkeley comedian johnny still isn't taking science awards audiences to writer fred ready for anything, the clubs like beaches. every beach looks kind of similar but they're not. if he goes to make a speech to be swept out in the riptide. ruiz says walsh was
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ready to let the incident go that hired a lawyer after seeing cretins and expletive laden offense and is facebook page. 2 is targeted for sexual orientation. the honor stands by griffin saying my apology goes out to everyone else they got an ending that was supposed happened. some patrons and san francisco comedy club agree in. is fair game if you're sitting in the five friends. if you don't like leave the lawyer says she wants an apology that includes monetary compensation bill will say how much attention cbs five. san jose police have just identified the suspect in a double homicide in the one your help in finding him his name is pedro midinette and police say he may be headed to southern california ultimately to mexico. he has to distinctive tattoos hoff will lead the grim reaper in some letters in the back of
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his right shoulder the state medina hot shot and killed has been and wife in the house and senate say early monday morning. busy medina may have been romantically involved with the woman. in an election year you expect to see lots of political science but a minimal pitas says that the city ordered him to take down the one of his in his front yard and it's had the billboard that the city said it is too big kiddo tells us now the aclu is taking the city to court. is a 16 by 26 in. plastic sign that reads we had a 99% to the math and comes out to 2.9 square feet of constitutional controversy. if we get lucky this michael national. this is what not would not be this was to be known for. rub with the sign in the front yard is not his home last year but then neighbors complained and at a threatening letter from the city of
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milpitas the state violated city ordinance because it was a permanent sign in to shrink it down to one square foot if not the city would find 100 bucks or city workers removed and sent in the bill or both. i'm standing up for the occupied movements if i'm pushing back for a redress of grievances that its first amendment protected expression. down the street down bloom also put the state sign in his yard the ticket down after he got the same threat in latter. sometimes you don't feel like fighting the fights and you just get intimidated to stop doing whatever it is that you're interested in doing. frankly to the ordinance on space is ridiculous they filed a lawsuit today against the city of milpitas after months of trying to get the city to change the law. and says the ordinance is a violation of free-speech and got the $700 fee the city charges for exception. but they don't seem to appreciate the fact that this is a means of expression
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that constitution for tax and city attorney michael had no idea that they were getting sued intel we called he said they're puzzled because up until now relations with the aclu had been " amicable. governor jerry brown has started a new water were unveiling an ambitious plan to move water from the sacramento delta at the southern california and he seems up for the fight. i want to get done the best i can. the $18 billion plan calls for building a massive twinned with tunnel system to send northern california water south to homes in los angeles and farmers in the central valley the pundits say not enough has been done to assess environmental impacts that ron is listening and learning trip to london is turning into iraq is over who said what it's all
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over a comment that a british newspaper says came from an unnamed ron revise their the romney camp denies ever happens to the visor is quoted as saying and we are part of the anglo-saxon heritage and rummy feels that the special relationship is special the white house didn't fully appreciate the shared history half joe biden fired back saying " is a feeble attack by the army campaign to score political points this assertion is beneath the presidential campaign. it is our question behind bars in the colorado shooting suspect in your daily news reports that james holmes asked the jail worker if he had seen the new batman movie in town and it. in days before the massacre the suspect mail the package to a psychiatry professor at university of colorado reporter jon miller on the warning signs it contained.
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on monday afternoon investigators scoured the mailroom at the university of colorado and founded in searching for. a piece of mail from the alleged shooter james holmes but before opening of the sheriff's bomb squad handled it with a robot and took an x-ray. just in case there were explosives inside. sources say the letter is from maine home to one of his professors in the talk about shooting people and even included crude drawings of the gunman and his victims. the letter arrived days before friday's shooting but had not been processed by the mailroom. former fbi senior profiler for getting the complex to be the case and how much work this person put into these two different crime scenes they appear to want in my opinion that a lot of credit for all their hard work. today's
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question remains motive. has shown us that even when suspects tried to explain their actions it really makes sense to anyone else. i can guarantee you'll find it unsatisfying he says there's nothing bad to the individual can say to west that the cause us in the general public to sit back and say now in a stanley did this. the search at the university was not a random against police for their investigating a leak when the man come from a suspect after his arrest all was mentioned as someone he'd sent the package to the school. and the first memorial service for one of the victims was held today 51 year- old gordon took his teenage children to see the movie they were all able to escape. three
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of the hospitals treating the victims the going to go up and it went up big time. how bad crop of corn is driving up the price of just about everything. there were three blind mice but now they can see the break through treatments developed by de area scientists. his great grandfather, father founded scientology now he opens up about family secrets a,,,,
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prices were expensive now just wait there expected to soar even higher. the united states is suffering from its worst drought in 50 years. the usda ones that
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beef dairy and poultry because corn is such an integral part of every day food for livestock feed to sweet berries for sodas they're going to go up. and the going to go all lots. this country lives on corn. about 45% i point for the corn crop is simply running out of all of their crops in terms
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of corn and reversing the four. and cattle which feeds on the nation's grains are going up as well. so ranchers are taking extra the prices are going to go up. but in the short term there will go down. but in the using the present climate are no more cattle left. cps 5 reporter crazily tells us with a genetic mutation that causes blindness. some were
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injected with a treatment. and the people react. the undefeated blind malice on the left nothing happens. some level of visual function for up to 24 hours. usually less than 24 hours. but the new compounds that we develop this can restore function for many days up to two weeks anytime. with some diseases that cause blindness the light sensitive cells and retina actually die off. the jump into action and do the job. you can bet that make them responsibly. remains to be seen how this couple well work on humans. they will say that this can help treat people who have an inherited form of blindness or even those who have aids related macular degeneration. in
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the newsroom grace lee cbs five. of 100 this year in the bay area. he reveals a cps 5 reporter elizabeth cup which he calls the ugly truth about the ministry. you can't choose your family but jaime de wolfe wishes he could. they can distract people jamie is the great- grandson of the founder scientology l. ron hubbard. somebody of sexy of onset of this kind of portly redheaded charismatic lying con man pseudosciences self-taught self- help author. his mother seen
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here is a baby in this rare family photoperiod of one #sign. o received and is the love scientology. this church this creation of now they try to keep it from us for so long. they never met his great- grandfather but for years his family refused to talk openly about their lineage. jimmy did a one-man show based on all ron hubbard and his son and it became a youtube sensation. on the mother's side are black seat who was a shepherd to enslave his own flock. and it didn't go unnoticed. into to three days scientology is from my door with a cover story is claiming that they were performers doing a show with me they had people following me they had their aunt
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me immediately. but he refused to be silenced. and frequently uses this family is material. and the performers i already talked about a lot of ugly truths. it becomes what he really thinks about his great- grandfather's ministry. scientology is a pyramid scam that sell cigarettes and to all the world speculate on why scientology is first couple called it quits jamie says he knew of an ec megawatts' miles and flashing lights there were something much darker. it's impossible for me to believe that scientology is a factor in their breakup. the more the issues of behind the curtain the more horrified she probably was. the same cannot be said for his tax has been when
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he calls scientology school mascot. he still to this day is going to probably have to die a scientology is because i don't believe the could leave even if you wanted to. we reached out to the church of scientology and a decline to do an interview but sent the statements despite his public representations' and self-promotion mr. duels is not knowledgeable about the church of scientology or its founder and encouraging people to go to the web site for what they're calling the real story of scientology. as this cooks cbs five. and you can see more of the interview with the great- grandson on cbs as death dot com.,,,,
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francisco today 20 degrees warmer in livermore and 83 degrees and now this hour is live is our cbs five whether camera looking out for the transamerica building and landed here a slate of gray sky is due to the deepening marine layer roughly about 2,700 ft. deep how
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is this going to affect your morning commutes? let's play our future cast and what the hours tick on by notice the clouds surge in land everybody is under a gray sky. cause a retreat somewhat filling in very quickly right tomorrow's sun set at 6 07 so overall mostly cloudy with some areas of patchy fog and tomorrow we say some cardenas said partial coastal clearing otherwise we will see a war weekend the meeting that because our temperatures are averaging slightly below normal for this some of the year and fax 11 degrees below average in san fell otherwise about 8 degrees off its mark in pleasanton today's high they're only 83 degrees the cool weather is because of a strong thread here it is aligned is cooler air masses look down into the northern half of the overnight
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lows to was a time highest art biddies of the beaches otherwise '60s and '70s the peninsula with the west suite wins at the santa clara valley low 80s san ramon 82 degrees palette and apparently sense and auto there is extended forecast seasonal summertime weather over the ,,,, hi parents, big year for spelling. here's what the kids will n-e-e-d. ♪ pens and markers, paper wide ruled. ♪ ♪ hoodies, sneakers, tape, sticks of glue.♪
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get any hotter the tight franchise record for biggest shot out win. 16 to nothing. ricky a jigger been dominated on the hill with nine strikeouts in six shutout innings the redness of the offense and a's can't bad on the second forelocks five hits eight runs but they did not stop there. in a fit of cocoa crisped belts of a second home run of the game fifth of the season and here comes another one he was just on fire the a's and the blue jays 16 to nothing for their seventh straight win. the a's are averaging close to six runs a game during his winning streak the pitching has been dominant at two. 05 earned
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run average and had assessed the this is hitting close to 500 since the all-star break bad news at mri confirm the policy and all has a strained left hamstring after this big a stretch class at first base the giants went away until friday to see if he needs to go on the disabled list. meanwhile timmons of them looks for his third straight start something he had not done all season in the fourth and little blooper here but it was so keys the game beyond couldn't come up with instead of the inning to run scored glance, did not doubt on the fifth case used crushes the 89 m.p.h. fastball into the seeds to home monday for that and want to come falls to 411 the padres beat the giants 63 i have in my hand a wednesday night top five. the dance is panthers offensive linemen took out a full-page ad i'm guaranteeing the panthers to win a super bowl this season carolina didn't even make the playoffs last season. member
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for mls all-star game scores into 21st minutes the mls all start be the european chance chelsea three to sue. no. 3 the a's have pulled in within five games of the rangers it would've been more of an offer nelson cruz had that cats and home run no. 2 back to toronto during the spider-man impression. he hangs on the wall and look at that cuts. and look at the pitcher. did you discuss at all?. these youngsters pulled in almost 5 lbs. last silicon on the left his name is rocco trap the young man who had to really in. the amount on that thing. it's a fish. it's a large mouth bass. are you asking roberta? because she is an outdoorswoman. and she
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swims in the lakes, as the fishes. it's an old joke. and they signed a large mouth bass. ,,,,,
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